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Biomedical Engineering

We provide our customers with high quality replacement Bio-Medical parts. We have an extensive listing of batteries, lamps and other parts for almost any Bio-Medical device including defibrillators, monitors, infusion pumps, x-rays, light sources and much more.

Medical spare 	parts

Software Engineering

Our company focus is mostly B2B back-end solutions based on Java EE 6/7. We pursue simplicity in our designs and usage of native Java EE. We deliver software modules and services to our customers with proper project documentation, codes and automation.

Medical spare parts


We can offer you our know-how in the field of medical devices design/maintenance and optimization of the processes for biomedical engineering departments.

Other domain we can help you with, is how to leverage from an automation during the software development (Vagrant, Jenkins pipelines ..), a quality control and how to effectively test your code.

Medical spare parts

Research & Development

We developing new FMI v1.0/v2.0 Java wrapper. Main focus is to provide us significant performance boost against solutions based on JNA library.


Who we are

Our main goal is to be a strong interdisciplinary company, which will provide our customers with unique set of knowledge and solutions. We would like to be a major partner and supplier of the health-care facilities, corporations and laboratories. As well as to be the leading force in the biomedical engineering and e-health solutions.

Our company is a bridge between modern medicine and software technologies. This connection provides a benefit to all who are interested in their health. Nowadays more and more people don't want to rely only on the standard health-care system, but instead they want to participate on programs which can give them an opportunity to have a longer and better life.

Technical Leads

Petr Hunka

Petr Hunka, Software Delivery

Petr is an experienced Java EE programmer with a broad knowledge of server side technologies, environments and project management. He is working in international team that delivered software solutions for government agencies in the EMEA region. In his free-time Petr is pursuing his PhD at CTU Prague in the field of bio-cybernetics and artificial intelligence.

	Vladmir Balco

Vladimir Balco, Biomedical Engineering

Vladimir is a Biomedical engineer with extensive knowledge in maintenance of medical devices. He worked many years in one of the top Czech hospitals.


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